K S N Prasad
Director, Infosight

Mr. Prasad has more than 3 decades of rich and varied experience in the field of IT Infrastructure, Low Current Systems, ICT, AV and various ELV systems. His long successful tenure at the helm of Alpha Data, one of the well-known IT Infrastructure and integration companies in UAE, has given him the domain knowledge on various industry segments like Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Airports, Real Estate etc. Technical expertise and Management skills along with strategic approaches adopted by him have helped the organization to grow from a product vendor to an Infrastructure provider.

As Director of Infosight, Mr. Prasad brings in this insight to guide the team towards excellence in the design process. His practical on-the-ground experience in managing several IT projects in various sectors is a great asset to this consulting practice.

He had attended several training sessions by various manufacturers and is a regular speaker and visitor to technology forums both international and local. His interpersonal communication skills and personality has provided him with wide understanding of the IT industry with strong relationships with developers, architects, consultants, manufacturers etc. ensuring his clients have the optimal value in this engagement.

Mr. Prasad’s passion has resulted in extending Infosight’s presence to the US market with a registered office in Delaware and Indian market with a registered office in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.


Interior Designers / 7th December / The Arena / 1530 – 1630

Design with AVs – Tomorrow’s Trends, Today’s Pitfall

Technology need not be the 'enemy' of interior design, quite the opposite - it should support the design. The Internet of Things is bringing more and more smart devices in to the spaces of clients. Read more...

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