As the Middle Eastern and African (MENA) region strides ahead with economic diversification, InfoComm Middle East & Africa (InfoComm MEA) is gaining traction as a vital corollary, bringing together users and purveyors of communication technologies, and presenting technological advancements to the region, to ‘fast-pace’ the process.


With the region’s megaprojects and smart-city developments moving at full throttle, AudioVisual trade professionals, project consultants and end-users are now hungry for next-generation solutions. The region’s digital revolution is poised to become a $174-billion industry.


“This year’s traffic was less than last year’s when the show was held together with GITEX. However, visitor quality was better. We had very good meaningful conversation with the visitors and potential customers. There seemed to be an interesting level of demand for our products. We met with a good spread of visitors outside of UAE, coming from Saudi and Oman; and even outside of the Middle East, like Sri Lanka.”

Pedro Fernandes, Marketing Director, Displax

“Considering this being the first year that InfoComm MEA is held as a standalone event, the quality of visitors was high. We managed to catch up with our customers, and had good in-depth conversation with them. We look forward to being back again at next year’s show.”

Alistair Duthie, Regional Manager, Mitsubishi Electric

“There were good quality leads and conversations at the show have help us understand the market better. This event turned out to be better than expected and is a good event to help further brand awareness.“

Nick Spencer, Marketing Manager, B-TechA Audio Video Mounts

“Good show! InfoComm MEA exceeded our expectations. We met with the right people. Even on the last day, we were still very busy!”

Wim Arts, Sales Manager, Vogel’s Products

“The InfoComm MEA show gives us the opportunity to make all forms of participants understand the latest industry trends and markets, meet and dialogue with them, and of course, launch and demonstrates the new products/technologies.”

Nour Assafiri, CEO, Martin Professional Middle East

“InfoComm MEA is the only AV show of its kind in the region. We use this event as our entry into the region, to meet with integrators, government departments and other end-users. We’ve received a strong interest from prestigious companies and other high-end buyers.”

Steve Scourse, VP – EMEA, SiliconCore Technology Inc

“InfoComm MEA was very good for us this year. We had many important and new customers coming from the GCC. Moving away from GITEX did have an impact on the overall footfall, but it was certainly not an issue as we had some very good meetings and were kept busy throughout all three days of the show.”

Sam Brandon, General Manager, GSL Professional LLC

“We had initially thought the show might be UAE-centric, but we saw customers from Saudi, Kuwait and Oman which is really good. ‘Steady’ is probably the best way to describe the traffic. Generally, I'm quite pleased that we participated in InfoComm MEA.”

Rod Geary, Clockaudio

“InfoComm MEA 2017 was a good show that brought us some good quality leads. It was also great being part of the Digital Signage Summit. We had a lot of traffic coming through.”

Beky Cann, Peerless-AV

"Fixed installations for large venues is a big part of our business, and we wanted to showcase our solutions in the Middle East because it is a large market. Our objective at InfoComm MEA was to meet more installation integrators, and we did meet with good contacts each day. It was wonderful."

John de Cet, Analog Way

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